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ASP.NET is an open source web framework for building modern web applications and services. With ASP.NET you can quickly create web sites based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, scale them to millions of users and easily add more complex capabilities like Web APIs, forms over data or real time communications.

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Configuring Typescript for ASP.NET CORE Apps

Jul 19, 2016

Fiyaz Hasan wrote about configuring TypeScript for ASP.NET Core Apps – showing how to use npm + Gulp to configure projects.

Using Webpack with Visual Studio and ASP.NET Core

Jul 18, 2016

Fabian Gosebrink and Damien Bowden show how to set up Webpack with ASP.NET Core, Visual Studio, and Angular 2.

Https Redirect with Asp.Net Core RC2 And Kestrel on Windows

Jul 15, 2016

Kevin Logan posts what he learned while setting up HTTP to HTTPS redirects for ASP.NET Core RC2.

Easy publishing to Docker with the .NET CLI

Jul 14, 2016

Vincent Lesiere demonstrates a CLI command he set up to deploy his application to Docker.

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Application Startup

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ASP.NET Core provides complete control of how individual requests are handled by your application. The Startup class is the entry point to the application, setting up configuration and wiring u...

Razor Syntax Reference

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Taylor Mullen , and Rick Anderson Sections What is Razor? Rendering HTML Razor syntax Implicit Razor expressions Explicit Razor expressions Expression encoding Ra...

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