Documentation for: ASP.NET Ajax Version 1.0

This documentation is for a previous version. For the current released version, see the ASP.NET Ajax documentation on MSDN.








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Server Reference
System.Web.Configuration Namespace
Converter Class
ConvertersCollection Class
ScriptingAuthenticationServiceSection Class
ScriptingJsonSerializationSection Class
ScriptingProfileServiceSection Class
ScriptingScriptResourceHandlerSection Class
ScriptingSectionGroup Class
ScriptingWebServicesSectionGroup Class
SystemWebExtensionsSectionGroup Class
System.Web.Handlers Namespace
ScriptModule Class
ScriptResourceHandler Class
System.Web.Script.Serialization Namespace
JavaScriptConverter Class
JavaScriptSerializer Class
JavaScriptTypeResolver Class
ScriptIgnoreAttribute Class
SimpleTypeResolver Class
System.Web.Script.Services Namespace
GenerateScriptTypeAttribute Class
ResponseFormat Enumeration
ScriptMethodAttribute Class
ScriptServiceAttribute Class
System.Web.UI Namespace
AsyncPostBackErrorEventArgs Class
AsyncPostBackTrigger Class
AuthenticationServiceManager Class
ExtenderControl Class
IExtenderControl Interface
IScriptControl Interface
PostBackTrigger Class
ProfileServiceManager Class
ScriptBehaviorDescriptor Class
ScriptComponentDescriptor Class
ScriptControl Class
ScriptControlDescriptor Class
ScriptDescriptor Class
ScriptManager Class
ScriptManagerProxy Class
ScriptMode Enumeration
ScriptReference Class
ScriptReferenceCollection Class
ScriptReferenceEventArgs Class
ScriptResourceAttribute Class
ServiceReference Class
ServiceReferenceCollection Class
TargetControlTypeAttribute Class
Timer Class
UpdatePanel Class
UpdatePanelControlTrigger Class
UpdatePanelRenderMode Enumeration
UpdatePanelTrigger Class
UpdatePanelTriggerCollection Class
UpdatePanelUpdateMode Enumeration
UpdateProgress Class
System.Web.UI.Design Namespace
AsyncPostBackTriggerControlIDConverter Class
AsyncPostBackTriggerEventNameConverter Class
CollectionEditorBase Class
ExtenderControlDesigner Class
PostBackTriggerControlIDConverter Class
ScriptManagerDesigner Class
ScriptManagerProxyDesigner Class
TimerDesigner Class
UpdatePanelDesigner Class
UpdatePanelTriggerCollectionEditor Class
UpdateProgressAssociatedUpdatePanelIDConverter Class
UpdateProgressDesigner Class

System.Web.UI Namespace

The System.Web.UI namespace provides classes and interfaces that enable client-server communication and rich UI through the use of the Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions. 



namespace System.Web.UI


Namespace System.Web.UI


namespace System.Web.UI


package System.Web.UI


public classAsyncPostBackErrorEventArgsProvides data for the AsyncPostBackError event.
public classAsyncPostBackTriggerDefines a control and optional event of the control as an asynchronous postback control trigger that causes the UpdatePanel control to refresh.
public classAuthenticationServiceManagerConfigures the location of a custom implementation of the authentication service.
public classExtenderControlProvides an abstract base class for an extender control.
public interfaceIExtenderControlDefines the behavior for an extender control.
public interfaceIScriptControlDefines methods that ASP.NET server controls must implement to define ECMAScript (JavaScript) resources in Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX.
public classPostBackTriggerDefines a control inside a UpdatePanel control as a postback control.
public classProfileServiceManagerConfigures a set of preloaded profile properties and the location of a custom implementation of the profile service.
public classScriptBehaviorDescriptorExtends the ScriptComponentDescriptor class to provide a wrapper for defining behaviors that are converted into client script.
public classScriptComponentDescriptorProvides a wrapper for converting server components into client script.
public classScriptControlProvides an abstract base class for a script control.
public classScriptControlDescriptorDefines a client control object.
public classScriptDescriptorWhen overridden in a derived class, defines script that creates an instance of a client class.
public classScriptManagerManages Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions script libraries and script files, partial-page rendering, and client proxy class generation for Web and application services.
public classScriptManagerProxyEnables nested components such as content pages and user controls to add script and service references to pages when a ScriptManager control is already defined in a parent element.
public enumerationScriptModeSpecifies whether ScriptManager and ScriptReference objects refer to the debug or release version of client scripts.
public classScriptReferenceRegisters an ECMAScript (JavaScript) file for use on an ASP.NET Web page.
public classScriptReferenceCollectionProvides access to ScriptReference objects that represent client script files.
public classScriptReferenceEventArgsProvides data for the ResolveScriptReference event.
public classScriptResourceAttributeDefines a resource in an assembly to be used from a client script file. This class cannot be inherited.
public classServiceReferenceRegisters a Web service for use in a Web page.
public classServiceReferenceCollectionContains a set of ServiceReference objects.
public classTargetControlTypeAttributeExtends the Attribute class to indicate the type of server control an extender control can be applied to.
public classTimerPerforms asynchronous or synchronous Web page postbacks at a defined interval.
public classUpdatePanelEnables sections of a page to be partially rendered without a postback.
public classUpdatePanelControlTriggerProvides a common base class for controls that can be triggers for UpdatePanel controls.
public enumerationUpdatePanelRenderModeRepresents the possible layout rendering options for the content of an UpdatePanel control on a page.
public classUpdatePanelTriggerProvides a common base class for objects that can be triggers for UpdatePanel controls.
public classUpdatePanelTriggerCollectionRepresents a collection of UpdatePanelTrigger objects for an UpdatePanel control.
public enumerationUpdatePanelUpdateModeRepresents the possible update modes for the content in an UpdatePanel control.
public classUpdateProgressProvides visual feedback on the browser when the contents of one or more UpdatePanel controls are updated.