Documentation for: ASP.NET Ajax Version 1.0

This documentation is for a previous version. For the current released version, see the ASP.NET Ajax documentation on MSDN.








Type.callBaseMethod Method

Invokes a base method with specified arguments.


instanceVar.callBaseMethod(instance, name, baseArguments);



The instance whose base method is being called. Usually this.


A string that represents the name of the base method.


(Optional) An array of arguments to pass to the base method. Can be null or an Array object that has a null element.

Return Value

A value of the class that the base method returns. If the base method does not return a value, no value is returned.


Exception Type Condition

invalidOperation Function

(Debug) name does not exist for the base class.


Use the callBaseMethod method to call a base method from an instance of a derived class.

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