Documentation for: ASP.NET Ajax Version 1.0

This documentation is for a previous version. For the current released version, see the ASP.NET Ajax documentation on MSDN.








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RegisterArrayDeclaration Method (control, arrayName, arrayValue)

Registers an ECMAScript (JavaScript) array declaration for a control inside an UpdatePanel control with the ScriptManager control, and adds the array to the page by using an array name and array value.



public static void RegisterArrayDeclaration (
	Control control,
	string arrayName,
	string arrayValue


Public Shared Sub RegisterArrayDeclaration ( _
	control As Control, _
	arrayName As String, _
	arrayValue As String _


static void RegisterArrayDeclaration (
	Control^ control, 
	String^ arrayName, 
	String^ arrayValue


public static void RegisterArrayDeclaration (
	Control control,
	String arrayName,
	String arrayValue


control (Control)

The control that is registering the array.

arrayName (String)

The name of the array to register.

arrayValue (String)

The array value or values to register.


The RegisterArrayDeclaration method is used to a register a client script array that is compatible with partial-page rendering and that has no Microsoft AJAX Library dependencies. This method registers the array when the control parameter is inside an UpdatePanel control that is updated. To register an array each time an asynchronous postback occurs, use the RegisterArrayDeclaration(Page, String, String) overload of this method. If you are registering a script array that does not pertain to partial-page updates and you want to register an array only one time during initial page rendering, use the RegisterArrayDeclaration(String, String) method of the ClientScriptManager class. You can get a reference to the ClientScriptManager object from the ClientScript property of the page.

The RegisterArrayDeclaration method determines whether an array with the name specified in the arrayName parameter is already registered. If so, the method adds the values specified in arrayValue. Because the array to be registered is based on the ArrayList class, duplicates are allowed. If a registered array with the name in arrayName does not exist, the array is created and the values in arrayValue are added to it.

To include string literals in the array, use single quotation marks (') or escaped double quotation marks (\") in arrayValue.

Note that JavaScript treats a comma (,) as a delimiter in an array. Separating two items with a comma in arrayValue is equivalent to calling the RegisterArrayDeclaration method twice, once for each item.



arrayName is null.

Assembly: System.Web.Extensions (Module: System.Web.Extensions)