Ajax Control Toolkit DropShadow

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DropShadow is an extender that applies a drop shadow to an ASP.NET Panel control. The extender allows you to specify how wide the shadow is, how opaque it is, and whether the shadow should have rounded corners. For pages that let the user move or resize the panel, the DropShadow extender has a mode that will resize and reposition the shadow to match the target panel at run time.

DropShadow Server Reference

The properties in italics are optional.

The control in the preceding example is initialized using the following code. The properties in italic are optional. 

<ajaxToolkit:DropShadowExtender ID="dse" runat="server" TargetControlID="Panel1" Opacity=".8" Rounded="true" TrackPosition="true" />

DropShadow Client Reference

Sys.Extended.UI.DropShadowBehavior Class