Contributing a Bug Report

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Thank you for helping us improve the Ajax Control Toolkit by contributing a bug report! Please follow the procedure described below to report a bug.

Create a Description of the Bug

When submitting a bug report, you should supply the following information:

The Version of the Ajax Control Toolkit

You can determine the version of the Ajax Control Toolkit by right-clicking the AjaxControlToolkit.dll assembly located in the Bin directory of your project and selecting Properties, Details. The File version represents the version of the Ajax Control Toolkit.


Code or Steps Required to Reproduce the Bug

Before the bug can be fixed, we must first be able to reproduce the bug. Create the minimal Web Forms page or the minimal set of steps required to cause the bug. Provide us with just enough details to reproduce the bug.

Report the Bug to the Issue Tracker

Next, you should submit the description of the bug to the Ajax Control Toolkit issue tracker. The Ajax Control Toolkit issue tracker is located at the following address:

Click the Create New Item link to create a new issue:


Complete the form to submit the issue.

Make sure that you complete the following fields: