Ajax Control Toolkit MultiHandleSlider

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The MultiHandleSlider extender provides a feature-rich extension to a regular asp:Textbox control. It allows you to choose a single value, or multiple values in a range, through a graphical slider interface. It supports one handle, dual handles, or any number of handles bound to the values of asp:TextBox or asp:Label controls. It also provides options for read-only access, custom graphic styling, hover and drag handle styles, as well as mouse and keyboard support for accessibility.

Much of the MultiHandleSlider's design is based on the original Slider, so you may want to review the advice and design suggestions offered by the demonstration page of that extender. For example, the MultiHandleSlider retains the same ToolTip functionality as the original Slider.

By declaring the extended TextBox as a trigger for an UpdatePanel, the MultiHandleSlider can raise the update event whenever the handle is released. By setting the RaiseChangeOnlyOnMouseUp property to false, the update is raised as soon as the MultiHandleSlider's value changes.

MultiHandleSlider Server Properties

The properties in italics are optional.

<ajaxToolkit:MultiHandleSlider ID="multiHandleSliderExtenderOne"

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