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Action Client Reference

Action is a base class for all "non-animating" animations that provides empty implementations for abstract methods and adds a doAction method that will be called to perform the action's operation. While regular animations perform an operation in a sequence of small steps spread over an interval, the actions perform a single operation instantaneously. By default, all actions have a duration of zero. The actions are very useful for defining complex animations.

Action Client Properties

durationLength of the animation in seconds. The default is 1.
eventsThe collection of event handlers for this behavior. This property should only be used by derived behaviors and should not be publicly called by other code.
fpsNumber of steps per second. The default is 25.
isActivetrue if animation is active, false if not.
isPlayingtrue if animation is playing, false if not.
percentCompletePercentage of the animation already played.

Action Client Methods

dispose Dispose the animation
doAction The doAction method must be implemented by all actions
getAnimatedValue Empty implementation of required abstract method
interpolate The interpolate function is used to find the appropriate value between starting and ending values given the current percentage.
onEnd Call the doAction method when the animation completes
onStart The onStart method is called just before the animation is played each time.
onStep The onStep method is called repeatedly to progress the animation through each frame
pause Pause the animation if it is playing. Calling play will resume where the animation left off.
play Play the animation from the beginning or where it was left off when paused.
play Create an animation, play it immediately, and dispose it when finished.
raiseEnded Raise the ended event
raisePropertyChangedRaises a change notification event.
raiseStarted Raise the started event
raiseStep Raise the step event
setOwner Make this animation the child of another animation
setValue Empty implementation of required abstract method
stop Stop playing the animation.

Action Client Events

ended Adds an event handler for the ended event.
started Adds an event handler for the started event.
step Adds an event handler for the step event.