Common ASP.NET Features

Visual Studio 2013 brings us closer to One ASP.NET. There’s no MVC project type or Web Forms project any longer, there’s just ASP.NET. If you want to mix Web Forms and Web API, or MVC and SignalR, go ahead! You are encouraged and supported. New features and functionality are brought in with NuGet without breaking existing apps. New tools like Browser Link make building for the web more enjoyable than ever.

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What's New in Visual Studio 2013

  1. What's New in Visual Studio 2013?

    ASP.NET and Web Tools for Visual Studio 2013 Release Notes

  2. [Build 2014] What's New for ASP.NET and Web in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 and Beyond (Scott Hunter, Scott Hanselman)

    Join Scott & Scott for this dive into VS2013 Update 2 and beyond. You’ll see new features in ASP.NET, new ideas in front end web development, as well as a peek into ASP.NET’s future.

  3. Hands On Lab: One ASP.NET: Integrating ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC and Web API

    By Web Camps Team|

    Create a Web site based on the One ASP.NET project type, using different ASP.NET frameworks like MVC and Web API in the same project, and the ASP.NET Scaffolding to perform CRUD operations.

  4. Creating Web Projects in Visual Studio 2013

    By Tom Dykstra||Level 100 : Beginner

    This topic explains the options for creating ASP.NET web projects in Visual Studio 2013 with Update 2