Developing Apps with Windows Azure

  1. Building Real World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure (16 Tutorials)

    Building Real World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure

  2. Getting Started with the Azure WebJobs SDK

    The Azure WebJobs SDK makes it easier to develop backend processes that run as WebJobs and work with Azure queues, blobs, and tables, and Service Bus queues. This tutorial introduces the WebJobs SDK and shows how to build and run a simple multi-tier application.

  3. Azure WebJobs - Recommended Resources

    This topic provides links to documentation resources about how to use the WebJobs feature of Microsoft Azure and the WebJobs SDK.

  4. Hands on Lab: Maintainable Azure Websites: Managing Change and Scale

    By Web Camps Team|

    This hands-on lab shows you the different topics you could encounter when deploying your website to production environments in Windows Azure.

  5. Migrating Microsoft's ASP.NET and IIS.NET Community Websites to Microsoft Azure

    This case study describes the migration path for Microsoft's ASP.NET and IIS.NET Community Websites when they moved from a traditional web-hosting deployment to Microsoft Azure.

  6. Taking Your ASP.NET Apps to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure Web Sites (dotnetConf 2014)

    Web developers are seeing huge boosts in their productivity building Web Applications with ASP.NET, with so many huge improvements to Visual Studio focused on the problems web developers solve each day. We've also made some significant improvements in Microsoft Azure for web developers by concentrating on providing the community the best cloud in which to host ASP.NET web apps. Features like Auto-scaling and Traffic Management provide high-performance, internationally-distributed web hosting scenarios. We've made it easier than ever to add background processing by adding Azure WebJobs as an option for web developers who need to add a middle tier. Along with staging and production deployment slots, and a rich SDK to enable service automation - a feature many software-as-a-service apps can use to automate their provisioning and deployment experiences - there's no better place than Microsoft Azure Web Sites to host your ASP.NET apps. Kudu offers Web Sites customers a set of extensions...