Azure WebJobs - Recommended Resources

By Tom Dykstra and Rick Anderson|

This topic provides links to documentation resources about how to use the WebJobs feature of Microsoft Azure and the WebJobs SDK.

If you know a great blog post, stackoverflow thread, or any other link that would be useful, send us an email with the link.

This topic contains the following sections:


Getting Started with Azure WebJobs and the WebJobs SDK


Sample applications that use WebJobs or the WebJobs SDK


WebJobs SDK Triggers and Binding

Note that trigger attributes used to have "Input" suffix (e.g., BlobInput) and are referred to that way in older documents, but currently the same attributes have "Trigger" suffix (e.g., BlobTrigger).


Deploying WebJobs


Debugging WebJobs or WebJobs SDK


Blogs that frequently post on WebJobs or the WebJobs SDK


Additional WebJobs Resources


Additional WebJobs SDK Resources


Getting help with WebJobs and the WebJobs SDK

This article was originally created on August 2, 2014

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