Additional resources for learning about ASP.NET Identity

  1. ASP.NET Identity Recommended Resources

    By Rick Anderson|

    This topic provides links to documentation resources about how to use ASP.NET Identity. If you know a great blog post, stackoverflow thread, or any other link that would be useful, send us an email...

  2. Extending Identity Models and Using Integer Keys Instead of Strings

    John Atten explains how to customize and extend ASP.NET Identity in this series of blogs.

  3. Yahoo,Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, Linkedin, Salesforce and more OAuth providers.

    Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, Linkedin, salesforce, asana, buffer, foursquare, OpenID, Instagram, Yahoo and other OAuth providers.

  4. AngularJS Token Authentication using ASP.NET Web API 2, Owin, and Identity

    Taiseer Joudeh provides demo code and a great tutorial on OAuth refresh tokens in AngularJS and more.

  5. ASP.NET MVC Identity with Microsoft Account Authentication

    Ben Day provides the definite guide to using a Microsoft account with Identity

  6. Understanding the Owin External Authentication Pipeline

    In this series of blog posts, Anders Abel explains Identity and OWIN.

  7. ASP.NET Core Identity

    K. Scott Allen provides several blogs on Identity.

  8. Using Google Authenticator with ASP.NET Identity

    Jerrie Pelser shows how to use the Google Authenticator