Mobile Apps & Sites with ASP.NET

ASP.NET can also power mobile applications with responsive design frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap included out of the box with VS2013. You can use any CSS framework or open grid system you prefer, or perhaps select a powerful mobile system like jQuery Mobile or Sencha and great mobile applications with PhoneGap. The choice is yours, it’s all possible with ASP.NET.


How to

Deploy an Mobile-Friendly ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Application on Windows Azure Web Sites

This tutorial will teach you the basics of how to deploy an MVC 5 application to a Windows Azure web site and create mobile-friendly views using responsive Bootstrap design.

Add mobile pages to your ASP.NET Web Forms / MVC application

This How To describes various ways to serve pages optimized for mobile devices from your ASP.NET Web Forms / MVC application, and suggests architectural and design issues to consider when targeting a broad range of devices.

Detect the latest mobile devices using Foundation Foundation is a third-party open source project that enhances ASP.NET's Request.Browser API so you can easily detect recently-released mobile devices including Windows Phone 7, Android, and Apple iPad.

Simulate popular mobile devices for testing

Links to device emulators and simulators that you can use to test your mobile web applications

Learn More

Mobile Web Sites with ASP.NET MVC and the Mobile Browser Definition File

In this talk presented at the Microsoft MIX conference, Scott Hanselman discusses how you can create mobile device friendly websites using ASP.NET MVC.

Develop iPhone applications with ASP.NET

ComponentOne Studio for iPhone is a suite of ASP.NET controls that mimic the look and feel of the iPhone and iPod touch user interfaces when rendered in Mobile Safari.

Legacy Information

ASP.NET mobile controls: Tested devices

View the devices and browsers that have been tested with the legacy ASP.NET mobile controls. (Note: these mobile controls are now deprecated.)

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