Additional Resources for learning about ASP.NET MVC

Additional Resources for learning about ASP.NET MVC

  1. MVC Recommended Resources

    A comprehensive list of links to great MVC articles, blogs, SO posts and more.

  2. Deep Dive: Azure Websites and Organizational Authentication using Azure AD

    Rick Rainey explores how Visual Studio, the Azure SDK, and Azure Active Directory are used to build a secure LOB web applications for the enterprise.

  3. 30 Days of Bootstrap with the MVC Framework

    A series of posts on on using Bootstrap with ASP.NET MVC by James Chambers.

  4. SocialGoal - A Reference Web App for ASP.NET MVC 5, EF 6 Code First, AutoMapper, Autofac, TDD and DDD

    This reference sample provides a learning app for building real-world web apps with ASP.NET MVC 5 and EF 6 Code First.

  5. Override the Default Scaffold Templates

    Jonathan Waldman shows in this MSDN Magazine article that coding CRUD can be tedious, but you can automate the process using scaffolding templates.

  6. A Little HtmlHelper for Implementing Adaptive HTML Images in ASP.NET MVC

    Marius Schulz shares a really useful HtmlHelper for ASP.NET MVC to take advantage for Image srcset for high-resolution image support.

  7. Creating ASP.NET MVC Negotiated Content Results

    Rick Strahl shares a custom ActionResult for ASP.NET MVC which handles content negotiation and returns either JSON or XML depending on the HTTP Accept header.

  8. Model Binding using IModelBinder and DefaultModelBinder in ASP.NET MVC

    Sourav Kayal shows how to create a custom model binder.

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6. Entity Framework 6

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7. SignalR

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8. Web Developer Tools and Visual Studio 2013

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Microsoft's Jon Galloway recommends these books for learning ASP.NET MVC:



by Adam Freeman

Professional ASP.NET MVC 4

Professional ASP.NET MVC 4

by Jon Galloway, Phil Haack, Brad Wilson, K. Scott Allen