About tutorials for older versions of ASP.NET MVC.

  1. Getting Started With MVC (8 Tutorials)

    This is a beginner tutorial series that introduces ASP.NET MVC. You’ll create a simple web application that reads and writes from a database.

  2. Models (Data) (14 Tutorials)

    In this tutorial series, you learn how to use ASP.NET MVC with the Microsoft Entity Framework. Over the course of this tutorial, you build a web application that illustrates how to select, insert, update, and delete database data by using the Entity Framework.

  3. ASP.NET MVC Views (10 Tutorials)

    This set of tutorials provides a brief introduction to ASP.NET MVC views, view data, and HTML helpers.

  4. Controllers and Routing (12 Tutorials)

    In this tutorial set, you learn about ASP.NET routing, which maps browser requests to ASP.NET MVC controller actions.

  5. Deployment (2 Tutorials)

    In this tutorial you learn how to use ASP.NET MVC and routing with different versions of IIS.

  6. Security (6 Tutorials)

    This tutorial set covers how to password protect some pages in your ASP.NET MVC application and how to create and manage users and roles.

  7. Unit Testing (2 Tutorials)

    This tutorial set shows you how to create unit tests for ASP.NET MVC controller actions.

  8. Contact Manager (14 Tutorials)

    How to build an entire Contact Management application from start to finish.

  9. NerdDinner (14 Tutorials)

    How to build the website using ASP.NET MVC 1. For the ASP.MVC 3 version, please visit .

  10. Movie Database (2 Tutorials)

    How to build a Movie database application in 15 minutes.

  11. JavaScript (1 Tutorials)

    ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript

  12. Overview (4 Tutorials)

    Learn what MVC is, how it differs from Web Forms, and how to create an ASP.NET application.


Microsoft's Jon Galloway recommends these books for learning ASP.NET MVC:



by Adam Freeman

Professional ASP.NET MVC 4

Professional ASP.NET MVC 4

by Jon Galloway, Phil Haack, Brad Wilson, K. Scott Allen