How Do I: Use ASP.NET AJAX Client Templates

By Rob Windsor|33 minutes|
There are two key steps involved in building AJAX interactions, calling services asynchronously and updating the page with the resulting data. ASP.NET AJAX has always made the first part easy but it hasn’t provided much support for the second. To address this issue, Microsoft has added client-side templates and data binding and in this video, Rob Windsor will demonstrate how to use these new features in your AJAX applications.

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This article was originally created on December 18, 2009

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Rob Windsor

Rob Windsor – Rob Windsor is a developer, trainer, writer and Senior Consultant with ObjectSharp Consulting - a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Toronto, Canada. He has over fifteen years experience developing rich-client and web applications with Delphi, VB, C# and VB.NET and is currently spending a majority of his time working with SharePoint.