[How Do I:] Embed an Image in an Email with ASP.NET

By Chris Pels|19 minutes|
Chris Pels shows how to embed an image in an email with ASP.NET. He creates a web form (with fields for To, From, Subject, and Body), uses the AlternateView class to create text and HTML versions of an email, stores an image in a LinkedResource class instance, embeds it in the HTML AlternateView. He then adds both versions to the MailMessage object and sends the email twice, first with HTML-receiving capabilities enabled and then as text-only. Both email messages appear in Outlook. The HTML version shows the embedded image; the text version does not.

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This article was originally created on November 6, 2008

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Chris Pels

Chris Pels – Chris has been instrumental in the architecture, development, and implementation of a wide variety of business systems and databases as a technology consultant since 1986. He has extensive experience in business analysis, technical specifications, database design, several programming languages including C# and VB.NET, and statistical analysis. He holds a Ph.D. from The University of Michigan and has been a speaker at Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft DevDays, VSLive, numerous events in New England