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How Do I Use the ASP.NET IIS Registration Tool to Configure ASP.NET

By Chris Pels|27 minutes|
In this video Chris Pels shows how to use the ASP.NET IIS Registration Tool to configure ASP.NET. First, see how file extensions are mapped to ASP.NET in the IIS Manager on a global and web-site-by-web site basis. These script maps provide the basis for configuring individual ASP.NET applications to run under a specific version of the .NET Framework. Next, see how aspnet_regiis.exe, the IIS Registration Tool command line utility, is specific to each version of the .NET Framework and how it can be used for a variety of tasks like determining what versions of ASP.NET are installed on a computer and what ASP.NET applications are mapped to that version. Then, learn how install and uninstall ASP.NET on a computer using the registration tool. Also learn how to use the registration tool to install, uninstall, or update multiple ASP.NET applications for a specific version of the .NET Framework. For example, see how to install ASP.NET 2.0 and update script ma

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This article was originally created on May 1, 2008

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