[How Do I:] Write Code More Quickly with Unit Tests?

By Chris Menegay|8 minutes|
In this video we learn how Unit Testing can increase your productivity by easing the debugging process. We see how Visual Studio Team System can generate a Unit Test to automate execution of code that is being debugged, which saves you the time it takes to fire up your Web application and perform any steps needed to manually execute the same code. The result of Unit Testing is that you can write more robust code, more quickly.


This article was originally created on June 21, 2007

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Chris Menegay

Chris Menegay – Chris Menegay is a Development Process Specialist for Notion Solutions, Inc., a consulting and training firm specializing in software development process and Visual Studio Team System. He has been working with Visual Studio Team System full-time since 2004. Chris has been working closely with Microsoft since 2004 to understand the direction of Visual Studio Team System and working with customers to improve their software development teams by implementing the tools effectively. Chris has worked with a variety of companies ranging in size from 50 employees up to Fortune 100 companies. He has written white papers and articles on Team System for MSDN and MSDN Magazine. Chris is a Microsoft MVP (Team System), a Microsoft Regional Director and a member of the INETA Speakers Bureau.