WebMatrix Content Guide

WebMatrix is a set of tools that provides an easy way to build Web sites for Microsoft Windows. It includes IIS Express (a development web server), ASP.NET (a web programming framework), and SQL Server Compact (an embedded database). To see a quick tour of WebMatrix, see WebMatrix Overview. To review the top WebMatrix features, see WebMatrix Features.



Get started with WebMatrix

Introduction to WebMatrix (video)

Getting Started with WebMatrix and ASP.NET Web Pages
Start from Scratch (video)
Learn how to use ASP.NET Razor code to write a custom website.

Your First Website Using WebMatrix
Start with Web Apps (video)
Use a free open-source application to create your own site.

Install components (including WebMatrix)

Using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer
Web Platform Installer 2.0 Walkthrough
Web Platform Installer Resources

Work with the WebMatrix UI

WebMatrix Site Workspace Help
WebMatrix Files Workspace Help
WebMatrix Databases Workspace Help
WebMatrix Reports Workspace Help

Work with code

Introduction to ASP.NET Web Programming Using the Razor Syntax
Simple to code (video)
Programming ASP.NET Web Pages with Visual Studio
ASP.NET Web Pages Visual Basic
ASP.NET Quick API Reference

Create a consistent website look

Creating a Consistent Look
  • Creating Reusable Blocks of Content
  • Creating a Consistent Look Using Layout Pages
  • Designing Layout Pages That Have Multiple Content Sections
  • Making Content Sections Optional
  • Passing Data to Layout Pages
  • Creating and Using a Basic Helper

Work with HTML forms in web pages

Working with Forms
  • Creating a Simple HTML Form
  • Reading User Input from a Form
  • Validating User Input
  • Restoring Form Values After Postbacks

Display and manage data

Database made simple (video)
Connecting to a SQL Server or MySQL Database in WebMatrix

Working with Data (programmatically)

  • Introduction to Databases
  • Creating a database
  • Adding data to the database
  • Displaying data from a database
  • Inserting data in a database
  • Updating data in a database
  • Deleting data in a database
  • Connecting to a Database
  • Understanding SQL
  • Migrating a Database to SQL Server

Displaying Data in a Grid

  • Displaying Data in a Grid
  • Specifying and Formatting Columns to Display
  • Styling the Grid as a Whole
  • Paging Through Data

Display charts in a web page

Displaying Data in a Chart

  • The Chart Helper
  • Creating a Chart from Data
  • Displaying Charts Inside a Web Page
  • Styling a Chart
  • Saving a Chart

Read and write files in a website

Working with Files

  • Creating a Text File and Writing Data to It
  • Appending Data to an Existing File
  • Reading and Displaying Data from a File
  • Deleting Files
  • Letting Users Upload a File
  • Letting Users Upload Multiple Files

Display and manipulate images in a web page

Working with Images

  • Adding an Image to a Web Page Dynamically
  • Uploading an Image
  • Resizing an Image
  • Rotating and Flipping an Image
  • Adding a Watermark to an Image
  • Using an Image As a Watermark

Display video (and play audio) in a web page

Working with Video

  • Choosing a Video Player
  • Playing Flash (.swf) Videos
  • Playing MediaPlayer (.wmv) Videos
  • Playing Silverlight Videos

Send email messages from a website

Adding Email to Your Web Site

  • Sending Email Messages from Your Web site
  • Sending a File Using Email

Add search to a website

Adding Search to Your Web Site

  • Searching from Your Website

Add social network feeds and bookmarking to a website

Adding Social Networking to Your Web Site

  • Linking Your Website on Social Networking Sites
  • Adding a Twitter Feed
  • Rendering a Gravatar Image
  • Displaying an Xbox Gamer Card
  • Displaying a Facebook "Like" Button

Analyze site traffic and optimize for SEO

Analyzing Traffic

  • Tracking Visitor Information (Analytics)

Use WebMatrix to optimize your site for search engines
Optimize for search (video)

Improve performance on a website

Adding Caching for Faster Websites

  • Caching to Improve Website Responsiveness

Add security (membership) to a website

Adding Security and Membership

  • Introduction to Website Membership
  • Creating a Website That Has Registration and Login Pages
  • Creating a Members-Only Page
  • Creating Security for Groups of Users (Roles)
  • Creating a Password-Change Page
  • Letting Users Generate a New Password
  • Preventing Automated Programs from Joining Your Website
Test secure communication (SSL)

Securing Web Communications: Certificates, SSL, and https://

Debug web pages using tools and coding techniques

Introduction to Debugging

  • Using the ServerInfo Helper to Display Server Information
  • Embedding Output Expressions to Display Page Values
  • Using the ObjectInfo Helper to Display Object Values
  • Using Debugging Tools

Add site-wide functionality in code

Customizing Site-Wide Behavior

  • Adding Website Startup Code
  • Running Code Before and After Files in a Folder
  • Creating More Readable and Searchable URLs

Publish a website

How to publish a web application using WebMatrix
Download, Edit, and Republish Your Website with WebMatrix
Microsoft WebMatrix: Publish Compatibility
Microsoft WebMatrix: Certificate errors during publishing
Site publishing (video)

Use IIS Express to test websites

IIS Express Overview
Use the Windows System Tray to Manage Websites and Applications
Running IIS Express from the Command Line
Securing Web Communications: Certificates, SSL, and https://
IIS Express FAQ

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