What's New in ASP.NET Web Pages 3.2

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This topic describes what's new for ASP.NET Web Pages 3.2

This release fixes a bug and introduces one new feature.


The runtime features are released as NuGet packages on the NuGet gallery. All the runtime packages follow the Semantic Versioning specification. The latest ASP.NET Web Pages 3.2  package has the following version: “3.2.0”. You can install or update these packages through NuGet. The release also includes corresponding localized packages on NuGet.

You can install or update to the released NuGet packages by using the NuGet Package Manager Console:

Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages -Version 3.2.0

New Feature and Bug Fix

We fixed one bug and made one minor feature enhancement in this release. You can find the query for the same here.

ASP.Net Web Pages 3.2.2

This release rolls-up the change in the ASP.Net Web Pages 3.2.1 Beta release which provides a significant performance improvement in rendering large razor pages. See Codeplex Issue 585. This release aligns with the MVC 5.2.2 packages which will now depend on this version.

This article was originally created on June 30, 2014

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