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Community Recognition

The Community Recognition Program is a way to recognize each person's contributions to the ASP.NET community. Answering questions and moderating in the forums are the current ways people can contribute to the site.

Hall of Fame

In the ASP.NET community we have a number of people whose contributions help developers from all over the world. Visit the Hall of Fame page and view the stars.

If you'd like to rise through the levels and see your name in the Hall of Fame, all you need to do is participate in the ways listed below.

Location Activity Description Points
Forums Answer Post Your reply is marked as the answer 10
  Mark Post as Answer You mark a post as the answer 1
  Moderate a Post ** You approve a post 1

** by invitation only

Recognition Levels

Level Title Points
5 Diamond "All Star"
All-Star over 15000
4 Diamond "Star"
Star 7501 to 15000
3 Diamond "Contributor"
Contributor 2001 to 7500
2 Diamond "Participant"
Participant 751 to 2000
1 Diamond "Member"
Member 1 to 750

The program is very simple. Various activities on the site have points associated with them, and when a community member does that activity he or she will receive that many points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I start with any points?
No. All members start with 0 points.
Can I lose points?
Yes. There are four situations where you can lose points. First, if one of your posts is marked as the answer but later unmarked, you will lose the 10 points. Second, if you mark a post as answered but it is later unmarked, you will lose the 1 point. Third, if you breach the Terms of Use, you will lose 50 points. And fourth, any points you earn are subject to be removed if the awarding of points for that activity is discontinued at some point in the future.
Can I find out where my points are coming from?
Yes. A "Community Recognition" sidebar has been added to your profile, and that tab shows your points total for each area where you can earn points. You can click the Details link to see your last 100 points-gaining activities.
Won't some people try to manipulate the system?
A. Yes, and where we determine that is occurring we reserve the right to either deduct points or ban the account.
What does "By Invitation Only" mean in the above list?
There are some activities on the site that only a subset of members can perform, such as moderation.
Will you be expanding the set of activities that points can be earned from?
Yes. Over time we expect to expand this list of activities.


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