Support Options for ASP.NET

Microsoft and the ASP.NET developer community provide many support options for any question that you may have. Chances are good that your question has already been answered in a tutorial, video, or other resource, so be sure to follow the step-by-step approach outlined on this page.

Step 1: Follow the Tutorials

The following tutorials address the most common questions concerning ASP.NET and Visual Web Developer.

Step 2: Read the Documentation

The ASP.NET Framework is extensive, yet every class and every class member is fully documented on Microsoft’s MSDN Web site.

Step 3: Use Bing

On the internet there are thousands of tutorials, weblog entries, and other resources covering everything about ASP.NET and Visual Web Developer. Use the following text box to begin your search using

Advanced Bing Search

Step 4: Ask an Expert in the Forums

If you have followed the first three steps but not yet found an answer to your question, it is time to ask an expert on the ASP.NET Forums.

All ASP.NET Forums…

Step 5: Get Help from Microsoft

If you have exhausted all other support options, you may wish to contact a Microsoft Support Professional. Please note that personal help may incur a fee.