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Welcome to ASP.NET Core!

ASP.NET Core is a lean and composable framework for building web and cloud applications. ASP.NET Core is fully open source and available on GitHub. ASP.NET Core is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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The below resources will get you up to speed on what's happening with the next version of ASP.NET.

Additionally, the weekly ASP.NET Community Standup covers live community Q&A, product team discussion and the most recent updates. Recordings of previous meetings are available.

Next meeting is April 25 at 3:45 PM Pacific time.

  1. Introducing ASP.NET Core 1.0

    [video] Come join Scott Hanselman and Scott Hunter and learn about the groundbreaking changes in ASP.NET. For the first time ever ASP.NET is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux with a fully cross-platform ASP.NET Core.

  2. ASP.NET Core Deep Dive into MVC

    [video] In this presentation learn all about ASP.NET Core and including the latest features and innovations in MVC. You’ll see how you can build applications that run cross-platform on Windows, Mac and Linux via .NET Core. You’ll also see how ASP.NET Core MVC gives you a unified web programming model for building both web UI and web APIs.

  3. Deploying ASP.NET Core Applications

    [video] It's a whole new world: support for Linux in Azure and cross-platform support for the next version of ASP.NET. This session will demonstrate a variety of options and techniques to deploy ASP.NET Core applications on premises and to Azure including IIS and Docker.

  4. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Introduction to ASP.NET Core

    Ready to get the basics on ASP.NET Core 1.0 and learn the foundational skills that employers are looking for? Join experts Scott Hanselman and Maria Naggaga, and find out how to build .NET Core applications on any operating system..

  5. Introduction to ASP.NET Core

    ASP.NET Core is a significant redesign of ASP.NET. This topic introduces the new concepts in ASP.NET Core and explains how they help you develop modern web apps.

  6. Getting Started with ASP.NET Core

    Get the bits and installation instructions you need to get started with ASP.NET on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

  7. Building your first ASP.NET Core MVC application

    This tutorial will teach you the basics of building an ASP.NET Core MVC app using Visual Studio. The app stores data in a SQL database using Entity Framework (EF) and uses ASP.NET MVC to support the basic CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete).

  8. ASP.NET Core Application to New Database

    In this walkthrough, you will build an ASP.NET Core MVC application that performs basic data access using Entity Framework. You will use migrations to create the database from your model.

  9. Your First ASP.NET Core Application on a Mac Using Visual Studio Code

    ASP.NET Core is cross-platform; you can develop and run web apps on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. This article will show you how to write your first ASP.NET Core application on a Mac.

  10. Introduction to Tag Helpers

    Tag Helpers enable server-side code to participate in creating and rendering HTML elements in Razor files.

  11. OmniSharp - Cross-platform .NET development

    Includes instructions on how to get ASP.NET Core on Mac and Linux.

  12. Visual Studio Code

    Build and debug modern web and cloud applications with Visual Studio Code. Code is free and available on your favorite platform - Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

  13. Building Your First Web API with ASP.NET Core MVC and Visual Studio

    In this tutorial, you’ll build a simple web API for managing a list of “to-do” items. You won’t build any UI in this tutorial.

ASP.NET Community Standup

Microsoft Virtual Academy
Introduction to ASP.NET Core

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Introduction to ASP.NET Core 1.0

32 minutes

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Intermediate ASP.NET Core 1.0

34 minutes

Microsoft Virtual Academy

ASP.NET Core 1.0 Cross-Platform

54 minutes

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Introduction to .NET Core

51 minutes