Job Site Starter Kit

Job Site Starter Kit (JSSK) is an ASP.NET starter kit demonstrating many new features of ASP.NET 2.0 including themes, master pages, new data controls, membership, roles and profiles.

JSSK is a web application that provides a platform for candidates seeking job and the employers to share their needs.

Job Site Starter Kit


  • Enables job seekers to post resumes
  • Enables job seekers to search for job postings
  • Enables employers to enter profile of their company
  • Enables employers to post one or more job postings

ASP.NET Features used

  • Forms based authentication
  • User management via Membership providers
  • Role based security
  • Profiles
  • Themes
  • Master pages
  • New data source controls - ObjectDataSource
  • New data bound controls GridView and DetailsView
  • New navigational controls TreeView
  • New login controls Login, PasswordRecovery, LoginName and LoginStatus
  • Web parts for customization