Migration to ASP.NET Identity from other membership providers

  1. Migrating an Existing Website from SQL Membership to ASP.NET Identity

    By Suhas Joshi and Rick Anderson|

    This tutorial illustrates the steps to migrate an existing web application with user and role data created using SQL Membership to the new ASP.NET Identity system. This approach involves changing t...

  2. Migrating Universal Provider Data for Membership and User Profiles to ASP.NET Identity

    By Suhas Joshi, Pranav Rastogi, Rick Anderson and Robert McMurray|

    This tutorial describes the steps that are necessary to migrate user and role data and user profile data created using Universal Providers of an existing application to the ASP.NET Identity model....

  3. ASP.NET Identity Migrating Membership video

    This video shows you how to migrate your membership database to ASP.NET Identity.