Getting Started with ASP.NET Identity

Videos to help you get started with ASP.NET Identity

  1. Introduction to ASP.NET Identity (Video)

    Follow the informative and entertaining team of Adam Tuliper and Jeremy Foster, as they explain everything you need to know to implement, extend, and customize ASP.NET Identity.

  2. Azure Active Directory Video Series

    This link opens the first in a series of videos about Azure Active Directory, presented by Scott Hanselman and the Microsoft program manager for Azure Active Directory, Vittorio Bertocci. The videos are in the Azure Friday series, and the others in the series can be found at

  3. ASP.NET Identity (dotnetConf 2014)

    ASP.NET Identity is a totally rewritten framework that brings the ASP.NET membership system into the modern era. ASP.NET Identity makes it easier to integrate different authentication systems such as local username, password as well as social logins such as Facebook, Twitter etc. It also gives you greater control over persisting data to your backend technology of choice. ASP.NET Identity is a game changer by bringing in more modern authentication systems such as Two-Factor Authentication. You can use ASP.NET Identity to secure Web Apps as well as Web APIs.

  4. ASP.NET Identity: Two-Factor Authentication (Video)

    This video explains how to use Two-Factor Authentication with ASP.NET Identity.

  5. ASP.NET Identity Tips (Video)

    This video contains tips for securing your web app with ASP.NET Identity.