ASP.NET Dynamic Data

How to use ASP.NET Dynamic Data to create scaffolded applications that automatically know how to perform data access.

  1. Your First Scaffold and What is Dynamic Data

    By Scott Hanselman|6 minutes|

    In this short introduction, you create a complete Dynamic Data application in minutes using scaffolding, and in the process learn about Dynamic Data.

  2. Enable Inline GridView Editing

    By Scott Hanselman|6 minutes|

    Now that you have created a site with Edit and Details views, how do you enable inline editing in a GridView control? This video shows you how, and also touches on routing.

  3. Change how my Fields render

    By Scott Hanselman|13 minutes|

    In this video you learn how to change the way that data fields are rendered. You will plug in third-party controls for some fields.

  4. Handle Business Logic Exceptions

    By Scott Hanselman|5 minutes|

    This video shows you how to add validation to the data model. You will be able to see how that validation logic is reflected in the UI.

  5. Make Custom Pages

    By Scott Hanselman|5 minutes|

    In this video, you learn how to make a custom page for some tables, while other pages use standard functionality.

  6. Display Unknown datatypes

    By Scott Hanselman|8 minutes|

    In this video, we show you how to configure Dynamic Data to handle a totally unknown custom data type that is stored in the database as a binary BLOB.

  7. Use a DynamicControl in ListView and DetailsView Controls

    By Scott Hanselman|5 minutes|

    This video compares the same application written twice, once with Dynamic Data and once without. In the process, you add DynamicControl objects to ListView and DetailsView controls.

  8. Getting Started with Dynamic Data

    By Joe Stagner|23 minutes|

    In this video we'll build an entire ASP.NET application with ASP.NET Dynamic Data using the Northwind Data by using Dynamic Data's code generating, scaffolding and templates. The finished applicati...

  9. Begin Editing the Templates in ASP.NET Dynamic Data Applications

    By Joe Stagner|8 minutes|

    This video will explore the application structure of your generated ASP.NET Dynamic Data Application and get you started on editing the provided templates.

  10. Begin Modifying Dynamic Data Applications with URL Routing

    By Joe Stagner|5 minutes|

    This video introduces ASP.NET Dynamic Data URL routing and shows how to configure an application’s URL with routing options.

  11. Enable In-Line Editing in ASP.NET Dynamic Data Applications

    By Joe Stagner|13 minutes|

    This video will demonstrate using URL Routing to enable In-Line editing in your ASP.NET Dynamic Data Application.

  12. Enable Table Specific Routing in Dynamic Data Applications

    By Joe Stagner|6 minutes|

    In this video learn how to add custom workflow logic to your ASP.NET dynamic data application by using Routing to enable table-specific .aspx file usage.

  13. Use Attribute Validation in ASP.NET Dynamic Data Applications

    By Joe Stagner|11 minutes|

    This video will introduce modifying the Partial Classes in our Dynamic Data Application's Data Access Layer and get us started using Attributes by focusing on the Validation Attributes. This Data A...

  14. Implement Custom Field Validation with Imperative Logic in VB or C#

    By Joe Stagner|9 minutes|

    In this video we will build on the declarative field validation we implemented in our previous Dynamic Data Video and add custom programming logic to our validation.

  15. Remove Columns From Your DynamicData Data Grids

    By Joe Stagner|5 minutes|

    In this video you'll see how to take advantage of full column scaffolding but still exclude table columns that you don't want to appear in your user interface.

  16. Create Table Specific Custom Forms in an ASP.NET Dynamic Data Application

    By Joe Stagner|10 minutes|

    Sometimes we need to deviate from the default UI in our ASP.NET Dynamic Data Application. In this video we'll see how we can do that, and how we can turn off auto column generation and construct a...

  17. ASP.NET Dynamic Data Custom Form Formatting

    By Joe Stagner|6 minutes|

    In this video you will gain some insight on how you can configure the visual aesthetics of a Dynamic Data application down to the very specifics of each field's display.

ASP.NET Web Forms Books

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Beginning ASP.NET 4.5: in C# and VB

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Professional ASP.NET 4.5 in C# and VB

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by Jason N. Gaylord, Christian Wenz, Pranav Rastogi, Todd Miranda, Scott Hanselman