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Learn About ASP.NET Web Forms

ASP.NET Web Forms lets you build dynamic websites using a familiar drag-and-drop, event-driven model. A design surface and hundreds of controls and components let you rapidly build sophisticated, powerful UI-driven sites with data access.

Visual Studio Express provides a free development tool that makes ASP.NET development easy.

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Getting Started

The Web Forms model and how to create pages and use controls.

  1. Getting Started with ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms and Visual Studio 2013 (10 Tutorials)

    This tutorial series will teach you the basics of building an ASP.NET Web Forms application using ASP.NET 4.5 and Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web. A Visual Studio 2013 project with C# source code is available to accompany this tutorial series.

  2. Introduction to ASP.NET Web Forms

    This document provides an overview of the ASP.NET Web Forms model and compares Web Forms to MVC.

  3. Creating a Basic Web Forms Page in Visual Studio 2013

    By Erik Reitan|

    This walkthrough provides you with an introduction to the Web development environment in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express for Web.

  4. Creating ASP.NET Web Projects in Visual Studio 2013

    By Tom Dykstra||Level 100 : Beginner

    This topic explains the options for creating ASP.NET web projects in Visual Studio 2013 Preview.

  5. Code Editing ASP.NET Web Forms in Visual Studio 2013

    By Erik Reitan|

    This walkthrough explains how to use the Visual Studio code editor to write code quickly while helping you avoid errors.

  6. ASP.NET Scaffolding in Visual Studio 2013

    By Tom FitzMacken|

    ASP.NET Scaffolding is a new feature that is included in Visual Studio 2013.

  7. ASP.NET Web Forms (dotnetConf 2014)

    Do you want to learn techniques to enhance your Web Forms development experience? See how you can improve your code's maintainability and testability and your site's performance. Leverage new features in ASP.NET Web Forms 4.5 to reduce the amount of UI "yuck" code and focus on your application's logic. Scott Hunter and Pranav Rastogi look at some of the improvements to Web Forms such as support for EF 6, new Scaffolders and more features which you might not have heard of. See how to leverage all of the latest tools in Visual Studio like Browser Link and Web Essentials to make your coding experience simpler, shorter, and more enjoyable.

  8. Using Page Inspector for Visual Studio 2012 in ASP.NET Web Forms

    By Tim Ammann|

    Page Inspector for Visual Studio 2012 is a web development tool with an integrated browser. Select any element in the integrated browser, and Page Inspector instantly highlights the element's sourc...

  9. Visual Studio 2012 Hands On Labs (3 Tutorials)

    Learn how to develop with ASP.NET Web Forms with these Hands On Labs

  10. Monitoring and Telemetry

    Links to resources about monitoring the health and performance of an ASP.NET application.

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ASP.NET Web Forms Books

Microsoft's Jon Galloway recommends these books for learning ASP.NET Web Forms:

Pro ASP.NET 4 in C# 2010

Pro ASP.NET 4 in C# 2010

by Matthew MacDonald

Beginning ASP.NET 4.5: in C# and VB

Beginning ASP.NET 4.5: in C# and VB

by Imar Spaanjaars

Professional ASP.NET 4.5 in C# and VB

Professional ASP.NET 4.5 in C# and VB

by Jason N. Gaylord, Christian Wenz, Pranav Rastogi, Todd Miranda, Scott Hanselman